Designing an entertainment oasis


Kimmo Irto Designer, interior outfitting

Kimmo Into works for our subsidiary Shipbuilding Completion in a job that involves designing experiences. As an interior outfitting designer, Kimmo’s work begins with a vision on a desk. Based on that vision, he and his teams start designing the most impressive outcome possible using the most cost-effective ideas. He says that achieving a feeling of success is the most rewarding part of his job, along with having a diverse range of tasks and being able to solve problems.

Kimmo has a solid background in manufacturing industry work. For example, he worked as a cabinet maker prior to his current job. An essential part of that work was the ability to understand sketches, and this skill is useful in his present job. An interest in information technology and design work also led him to his current profession.

Another reason that Kimmo enjoys being an interior outfitting designer is the fact that working at Shipbuilding Completion allows him to cooperate closely with builders and supervisors in the region. Interior design work requires the ability to visualise, focus on solutions and apply previously acquired information in new ways. Kimmo says that the most challenging part of his job is simultaneously managing many projects. The work also requires scheduling and an understanding of the regulations and standards associated with different fields.

Kimmo recommends his profession to anyone who has the desire to change directions and learn new things. He emphasises that the work is unique, because Finland has limited opportunities for people working with adventure architecture in cruise ships.