From HVAC design to system responsible


Roni Saarimaa System Responsible

Roni Saarimaa works for one of our important partners – the Elomatic engineering agency – as system responsible for the drinking water system. He was hired by his current employer through recruitment training. As a system responsible, Roni’s workdays consist of updating design sketches related to drinking water systems, making plans related to scheduling, the work situation and resources, and coordination.

Roni has a master’s degree in chemical engineering, but he didn’t have any previous experience in the shipbuilding industry. For example, he worked as a coordinator in Belgium and at a pulp factory in Chile. He also has some experience in logistics. Roni specialised in HVAC design during the recruitment training. However, he was selected for his current position because of his activeness and suitability for the job description.

Roni has a lot of good things to say about his employer Elomatic. He says that the atmosphere was already warm and positive during his job interview. On a day-to-day basis, the pleasant work atmosphere is visible as an open discussion channel all the way to the management group and the mutual desire of employees to help each other.

Roni says that the most challenging part of being a system responsible is prioritisation. Since there’s a lot of work, tasks have to be prioritised according to the amount of time available. The work also requires the desire for continuous learning, the ability to quickly adopt new things and good communication skills. However, the most rewarding part of the work is problem solving, receiving positive feedback and the feeling of success.

Roni also encourages other people who are interested in the marine industry to consider recruitment training opportunities. The industry has a very good employment situation and shipbuilding offers a variety of interesting jobs. Another of Roni’s longer term goals is to try and focus attention on environmentally friendly choices via his work.