Meyer Turku

Innovations and technology

 We’re proud of the fact that Meyer Turku Oy is one of the leading shipbuilding companies in the world. The Turku shipyard has a long history – it was established in 1737 and the current CEO is Dr. Jan Meyer (from the Autumn 2020 his brother Tim Meyer).

The Meyer Turku shipyard specialises in building cruise ships, car-passenger ferries and special ships. Today’s cruise ships are smart, floating cities containing modern technology that enhances safety, functionality and comfort as well as outstanding architecture and environmentally friendly innovations. The most luxurious ships even have a park. Over the years, we’ve built more than 1,300 new ships for customers all over the world.

Our impact on employment 

Some 85% of the Finnish marine industry is located in Southwest Finland, but we have an impact on employment throughout Finland.

The shipyard has a diverse range of positions, and our needs range from IT experts to metalworkers and interior designers.

A bright future 

The shipyard’s order book includes seven cruise ships for four shipping companies, so the story of Finnish shipbuilding keeps continuing. The secret is our expert and well-trained workforce. Skilled employees mean that we can offer competence that can’t be found elsewhere.