Future prospects

Meyer Turku Oy is a respected forerunner in cruise ship construction

The ships we build are recognized around the world for their advanced technology and modern design. Our order book for cruise ships still extends quite far – there are seven cruise ships for four different shipping companies in our order book. That’s why we need new experts to work on our ship projects at Meyer Turku Oy and with our subsidiaries Shipbuilding Completion Oy, ENG’nD Oy and Piikkio Works Oy again in the future.

Diverse competence

A modern cruise ship is like a floating city with a vast array of technology and intelligence lying behind its corridors, cabins, restaurants, shops and services. For example, new ships have innovative energy, waste handling, water purification, and communications systems. Each ship is a unique entity tailored to meet the client’s requirements. This requires flexibility and creativity on the part of the people building it – and a very high level of professional skill.

The need for labour applies to a wide variety of expert fields ranging from information technology to project management.