Future prospects

Work and the need for experts

The shipyard’s order book for new generation cruise ships is full until 2025. We’re working hard to ensure that we also have new orders in the future.

Diverse competence

A modern cruise ship is like a floating city with a vast array of technology and intelligence lying behind its corridors, cabins, restaurants, shops and services. For example, new ships have innovative energy, waste handling, water purification, and communications systems. Each ship is a unique entity tailored to meet the client’s requirements. This requires flexibility and creativity on the part of the people building it – and a very high level of professional skill.

A well-trained workforce means that we can offer competence that can’t be found anywhere else. It will be important for us to continue finding the best experts in many fields of technology and design. 

Several hundred employees needed

According to our estimate, we provide employment for approximately 9,000 people when subcontractors are included. This figure will increase to 20,000 in the 2020s.

The need for labour applies to a wide variety of expert fields ranging from information technology to project management.