From paper to steel


Jaakko Koski Classification Engineer, basic hull classification

Jaakko Koski works as a classification engineer in basic hull design. He applied for the training after graduating from a university of applied sciences with a degree in product development engineering. Jaakko previously worked as a maintenance supervisor at a paper factory and he also spent a few years in the adventure services sector. However, ship design appealed to him because of the outstanding employment opportunities and an interest in the sea that developed along with his free diving activities. Jaakko feels like he is helping to build ships that are globally recognised, and he considers the marine industry to be an honourable and traditional Finnish industry.

As a classification engineer in basic hull design, Jaakko’s job description includes design work in the early part of the shipbuilding process. His workdays pass quickly as he works with design sketches and diagrams. A job that deals with ensuring the safety and seaworthiness of future ships also involves calculating the strength of steel, consideration of more precise details, and hull vibration measurements. Performing vibration measurements provides a change from office work and a chance to experience the ship and its activities in operating situations. Jaakko says that the best part of his job is working with other professionals, solving problems and seeing designs become reality.

Jaakko feels that his current job gives him the opportunity to develop and challenge himself. A good atmosphere and the mutual desire of employees to help each other also contributes to creating a pleasant work environment. Jaakko recommends the recruitment training that made this job possible to other people who are considering a change of career. The diverse and comprehensive training gave him an overall picture of the industry and employment opportunities at the shipyard during the recruitment training period. Jaakko also felt that the practical work practice was very important when entering a new field.