Work with a lot of responsibility


Anna Pura Design engineer

Anna Pura works as a design engineer at Etteplan, a design agency that is one of our important cooperation partners. She was hired for her current job through recruitment training. Anna has a background in biotechnology engineering, and she also spent 10 years working in the chemical industry. However, she was attracted to the marine industry by an interesting job that combined two things that were important to her: a passion for interior design and a love of the sea.

As a design engineer, Anna spends her busy workdays doing technical interior design for cruise ships and dealing with the related regulations, standards and meetings. She’s responsible for design work in the area from decks 5–14, which includes architectural and cabin area design. Anna is also a contact person for architects, different shipbuilding departments and the customers. Part of the job description for Anna’s team includes developing a completely new 3D-based interior design system for ships.

According to Anna, a ship design engineer’s work requires organisational skills, teamwork skills, a positive attitude and the desire to learn new things. Although continuous learning can be hard work at times, she still believes that it’s one of the most rewarding parts of the job. Anna also says that cooperating with professionals in other fields is educational and rewarding.

Anna feels that the broad area of responsibility in her current job is a chance to challenge herself. She recommends recruitment training for other people who are making a career change if they have a passion for a job in the shipbuilding industry. Anna also praises the employee community at her workplace, which is characterised by an atmosphere of encouraging colleagues. According to Anna, it’s always nice to come back to work after a weekend or holiday and that’s a sign that people enjoy their work.