Shipbuilding School

Meyer Turku Shipbuilding School

Meyer Turku Shipbuilding School has a long tradition of training professionals for the shipbuilding industry in Finland. The school has been providing training since 1962.

Meyer Turku Oy’s Shipbuilding School works in close cooperation with the supervisors of all company departments. The Shipbuilding School is responsible for the personnel’s know-how based on current and future needs at the shipyard.

Cooperation with other Finnish learning institutions, such as universities, institutes and vocational schools, is very important for the shipyard.

The teachers and lecturers at the Shipbuilding School provide training in addition to doing their normal work at the shipyard. Hands-on experience makes them the top experts in the industry. The school also collaborates with many different training organisations.

The training is provided in Finnish, so Finnish language skills are a requirement.

Recruitment training plays an important role in increasing the workforce at our shipyard. We arrange several training events each year according to needs. Recruitment training means that you can qualify as, for example, a sheet metal welder, pipe or engine fitter for ships, or as a naval architect. Recruitment training consists of theory studies, studying the basic work phases, and on-the-job learning.

Training based on demand

The Shipbuilding School arranges training and courses for the personnel of Meyer Turku Oy and its subsidiaries in a centralised manner. It works in cooperation with the shipyard supervisors. For example, training needs can be identified during development discussions with employees. Our school arranges the necessary training either internally or externally. Many of the training events are also open to companies that are part of our network.

Open recruitment training positions

The training courses are provided in Finnish, so Finnish language skills are a requirement.

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